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Sit Less, Move More

How much sitting in a day is okay, and how much is too much? There’s no magic number, but in some recent study that tracked 127,554 women and men for 21 years, those who spent more than 6 hours a day sitting were more...

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Move & Lose

Exercise plus weight loss may make your insulin more effective. Scientists randomly assigned 163 sedentary overweight or obese people to do aerobic exercise at high or moderate intensity. (They used a treadmill, Stair Master,...

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Get Up and Get Moving Daily activity increases the length and quality of life Exercise helps to:    Control weight-walking 1 mile burns about 100 calories, control blood sugar and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, build strong...

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Is Walking as Effective as Running?

Short answer: Yes Studies have shown that how long you exercise, and thus how many calories you burn, is more important than how hard you exercise.. Running is a more efficient form of exercise, but not necessarily better for...

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The Best Pool Workouts

Water exercise is a smart fitness choice at any age. 5 classes to make a splash in: Why not dip a toe in one of these group fitness classes? Many are available at local YMCAs community pools, and health clubs Ai Chi. This form...

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Easy Exercise for a Longer Life

Regularly doing light physical activity helps extend your life. In a recent five-year study of older men in the United Kingdom, 30 minutes of easy activity on a daily basis-including stretching and doing light household chores,...

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Keep Weight Off

Intense exercise is needed to keep weight off. Significant weight loss causes the body’s metabolism to slow down, so additional exercise is needed to compensate for the lower caloric needs. To keep weight off after losing...

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Even a Little Exercise Helps

Research shows that small amounts have big benefits. 3 ways to get started today: Take a walk.  It’s underappreciated, but walking is probably the single best exercise for most people. Do what you can.  Walk at a pace...

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Be Kind to Your Lungs

October is Healthy Lung Month. Protect yourself from colds and other respiratory infections, which can develop into serious illness. Improve lung function with aerobic exercise and breathing exercises. Example: With pursed lips,...

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