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Fall Less When You’re Outside

More than two-thirds of the 120 older adults in a New York University survey said they’d recently fallen when outside. Among other factors, those surveyed blamed steps, slippery or uneven surfaces, ill-fitting shoes, being...

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Aching Back May Lead to Falls

Be careful when walking if you have back pain: it hiked the risk of falling by 36 percent in a study of 5,568 men age 65 and older. And earlier research suggests that women with back pain may be at even greater risk of falls....

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Prevent Falls and Broken Hips

It takes only a second to fall, but it can take years to recover. To help prevent falls, install grab bars near the toilet and shower, use nonslip mats or strips on the floors, repair loose or torn carpeting, remove papers,...

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Falls (Hospital Mistakes)

Each year up to a million hospitalized Americans fall, which can cause broken bones or internal bleeding. About a third of those falls can be prevented, according to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)....

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Check Balance With…

A chair:    Place it against a wall. Sit down with arms crossed, feet flat on floor. Stand up without using the armrests until legs and hips are straight,  then sit back down. Red Flag: if you can’t do this at least 8...

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“Eyeing Up” Fall Risk

Blurred vision is an important risk factor for falls in older adults, but new glasses may actually do more harm than good, says an article in the American Academy if Optometry’s journal.  Big changes in your eyeglasses...

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4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Falls

Many falls can be prevented by making some changes, you can lower your chances of falling by: Beginning a regular exercise program Having your health care provider review your medicines Having your vision checked Making your...

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Getting Up After A Fall

If you’re hurt or can’t get up after you’ve fallen: try to reach a phone to call 911. Find a comfortable position on the floor to wait in until help arrives. If you’re not seriously hurt, roll over onto...

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Tips For Preventing Falls

Get screened. A bone density test may help catch bone loss early. Exercise. Improve your balance by building up your leg muscles. Review medicines, Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about reducing side effects or interactions....

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Prevention of Falls for Older Adults

The Ohio Department of Aging and Health join the Ohio Older Adult Falls Prevention Coalition in encouraging all people to educate themselves and their loved ones about the risk of falls and fall-related injuries that increase as...

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