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Help for Cancer Fatigue

Exercise and talk therapy were better than meds for cancer-related lethargy in a review of 113 studies (almost half of them on breast cancer). Physical activity was especially helpful during treatment. Therapy was most effective...

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Fighting Fatigue

Up to 1 in 6 older adults may have low iron levels, and symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, irritability, and headaches.  But don’t just assume you’re among them or take iron supplements on your own. Pain;...

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Fight Decision Fatigue

Make big decisions first thing in the morning. That’s when our mental energy is highest. Soon after lunch is another good time. Make only one or two big decisions a day. Have a snack. Choose a candy bar if you need a rapid...

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Daytime Drowsiness

Do you find yourself reaching for a can of soda or a cup of coffee during the day to banish fatigue? Many do. But you may want to grab a bottle of water instead. Research indicates that lack of water is the No.1 trigger of...

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Boost Your Energy

Increasing daily energy levels is a goal for many men and women. Many adults are increasingly looking to energy drinks or highly caffeinated beverages like coffee to get the job done, while others are fearful that such...

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Chronic Fatigue: No Link to Virus

Several recent studies have dashed hopes that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) might be caused by a virus, a finding that could have opened the door to better prevention and treatment. In an article published online in June 2011...

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