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Foot Pain

Over-the-counter orthotics, which are also available at sporting goods shops and online, have been found by several studies to ease common foot pain. In one large review, a team of Australian researchers concluded that OCT...

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Sore Feet (Sign of Aging)

It’s no wonder that after walking the suggested 3-million-plus steps a year, for many years, your feet may hurt now and then. But there is a ailment that age plus weight can really aggravate: it’s plantar fasciitis,...

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Coconut Oil to Moisturize Your Feet

Feet don’t have oil glands. Without this natural lubrication, the skin is naturally dry. Too much dryness can cause itching, peeling or even deep cracks that can be painful and sometimes get infected. Coconut oil is an...

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Easing Foot Aches

Be sure to wear supportive shoes, adding an insert such as a heel cup (available over the counter at drugstores) may help. Applying ice (wrapped in a towel) to the sore spots for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day can soothe aching...

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Problem Feet

Eighty percent of women regularly experience foot pain, according to a national study of 356 women. In three-quarters of the participants, the study authors concluded that ill-fitting shoes contributed to multiple foot problems,...

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Function Over Fashion

Strutting around in stilettos might not be a problem in your teens and 20s. But if you’re only looking at cute flats these days, you may be one of the more than 50 percent of American women who have bunions. To reduce your...

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How To Have Happy Feet

There are more than half a million sweat glands in your feet. So, it’s no wonder your tootsies become extra fragrant when the hot weather hits. Podiatrist Carolyn McAloon,DPM, outlines how you can keep those feet smelling...

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