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Fit More Fiber Into Your Diet

Fiber is probably best know for its ability to help with constipation. But fiber also can lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease. How can you get more fiber?  Choose cereals with bran or fiber in the name. Switch to...

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10 High-Fiber Foods

When it comes to eating more fiber, it doesn’t have to be all about bran flakes and prunes. Here are some delicious fiber-rich foods to add to your diet. Avocados  1 medium  (about 4 oz.) Fiber 9g    Green peas 1 cup Fiber...

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What is Fiber?

Fiber is a carbohydrate found in plant foods: beans, fruit, grains, nuts, and vegetables. Technically, it isn’t a nutrient because it isn’t broken down and absorbed. But that’s what makes it so beneficial....

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It helps control your weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, ease constipation, fight inflammation, and boost your immune system. Adding a regular rotation of whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and fruits and...

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Focus on Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of your diet, and most adults don’t get enough of it. Fiber supports good health of the digestive track and can reduce insulin resistance as well as the risk of high blood pressure, type 2...

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Benefits Of Fiber Rich Foods

Reduces blood sugar level after meals Filling with few calories Helps prevent regaining lost weight Feeds beneficial colon bacteria Decreases number of calories absorbed   Foods Highest in Fiber–Dried beans, lentils...

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Know Your Fiber

There are many types of fiber, and it’s helpful to sort them into two groups: Soluble:    These are fibers that dissolve in water. Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Soluble fibers are found in oats,...

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Get Fiber-Full

A diet rich in fiber may help you control your weight. Studies show that people with fiber-rich diets feel less hungry between meals, get full more quickly during meals and tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day....

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Hi Fiber

Kale is hip, brussels are back; Could fiber be next to raise its cool quotient?  Most Americans eat only half of the recommended 25 to 38 daily grams, but new studies link fiber to reduced risks of diabetes, colon cancer,...

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Sources: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, legumes, oats, aand whole grains, plus fortified foods and supplements. What happens if you overdo it? Fiber is important for good digestion, but too much can keep your body from...

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Double the Fiber

Increasing your fiber intake may be accomplished by eating wholesome foods prepared in a wholesome way: Eat whole grain breads and cereals instead of white, refined types Eat fresh vegetables and fruits with well-washed skins...

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