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The Flu and Nursing Homes

The University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging which is cosponsored by AARP, asked nearly 2000 people ages 50 to 80 what should be done to protect nursing home patients and assisted-living residents from the...

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Cold Weather Cold & Flu

Flu viruses survive best when humidity is lowest, which usually means winter. And cold viruses may multiply more efficiently when temperatures in nasal cavities (in mice anyway according to one 2015 study) go below 98.6F...

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Flu-fighting Foods to Keep You Healthy

Food can be used to fend off the flu. Common foods many people already have in their pantries can be powerful flu-fighters. Garlic, for example, contain compounds that have direct antiviral effects and may help destroy the flu...

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Cold/flu Sufferers, Beware:

Over-the-counter remedies that treat multiple symptoms, such as cough and fever, may have ingredients that are the same as or interact with drugs you already take. Consult your physician to be sure that a multiple symptom drug...

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Get a Flu Shot Now or Wait Awhile?

Some drugstores begin advertising flu vaccines in late summer and offer incentives such as gift cards to those who get the shot. But an early shot could leave you unprotected later on in flu season, which usually peaks in...

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Hate Flu Shots?

Unfortunately, the nasal-spray flu vaccine isn’t recommended for this year’s flu season, because it wasn’t found to be effective enough during some prior years. Needlephobes might consider the intradermal flu...

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Norovirus (stomach flu)

Commonly called stomach flu. It causes diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and sometimes a fever for 48 to 72 hours. Avoid it. About 50 percent of people who come in contact with someone with norovirus get sick too, so be careful...

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Flu Season is Here

During flu season, it’s important to take care and protect yourself. The most important measurers you can take are to: Get vaccinated every year Wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer Avoid...

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