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Soothe Your Stress

Feeling on edge?  You may not be getting enough magnesium, about two-thirds of us aren’t. Research shows that skimping on this mineral could contribute to anxiety symptoms like irritability, tension and difficulty...

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Found in bananas, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cashews, and flex seeds (grind flax to best absorb the nutrients), magnesium calms the nervous system, which in turn can help you feel less anxious. “It’s such...

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Oatmeal (magnesium)

A delicious way to slim down, stay healthy for 2018. Here are a five good reasons to enjoy a warm bowl of oats every morning this winter. It’s perfect comfort food, It helps with weight control, it stabilizes blood sugar,...

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Nearly half of all Americans fail to get enough magnesium each day (experts recommended 300 mg for women and 400 mg for men), which could cause appetite loss, fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and in severe deficiencies,...

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Foods Highest in Magnesium

(listed in order of amount of magnesium) Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, Kellogg’s All-bran cereal, Almonds, cashews, Spinach, cooked, Swiss chard, cooked, Peanuts, Black beans, Quinoa, Dark chocolate, Peanut butter,...

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Got Magnesium?

Overlooked nutrient gives us stronger-bones and muscles and fights diabetes and other diseases, too. Magnesium rich foods: Spinach, especially cooked spinach Pumpkin seeds Nuts and nut buttes (especially Brazil nuts, almonds and...

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