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Taking Unsafe Doses of Ibuprofen…

is very common, reports Daniel W. Kaufman, ScD. About 15% of adults who use the medication, primary over-the-counter, take too much. either at one time or over 24 hours on a weekly basis. That can lead to stomach bleeding and...

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Pain, Anxiety Meds Are a Deadly Mix

Researchers are warning of a new danger: Taking opioids to deal with pain while also taking antianxiety medication can be a deadly combination. A research team at the Columbia University Medical Center, led by Mark Olfson, M.D.,...

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Medicine Cabinet Basics

Aches and pains:  Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Ibuprofen Colds and coughs:  Cough drops, Decongestant Cuts:  Adhesive bandages. Medical tape Digestive distress:  Heartburn remedies (chewables like Tums, liquids like Maalox)...

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Right Drug, Wrong Dose?

It’s common for older adults to be prescribed a higher dose of a medication when a lower dose might wok just as well. That’s a problem because higher doses can increase the likelihood and intensity of side effects....

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Taking Your Medicine is Important

To get the most of your medicine, you must take it exactly as the doctor ordered. To stay on track, try to: Understand how much and how often you should take your medicine. Take your medicine at the same time each day as part of...

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Measure Liquid Meds the Right Way

How do you measure liquid medicine? In a study from the Netherlands, participants were twice as likely to use kitchen when dosing directions were given in teaspoons rather than milliliters. That can be imprecise. Changing dosing...

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Be Wise About Medication

Check the effects of your meds. If you get a new prescription, ask your doctor whether it might effect your immune system negatively, and if so, what protective steps you should take. Corticosteroids and opioid painkillers are...

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Bone-Busting Medicine Risks

Antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro and generic), and fluoxetine hydrochloride (Paxil and generic) may increase bone fracture risk. In a recent study of...

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Before You Leave The Pharmacy

Look to be sure you have the right medicine. If you’ve bought the medicine before, make sure the medicine has the same shape, color, size, markings, and packaging. Anything different? Ask your pharmacist. If it seems...

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Are Small Drugstores Best?

The potential to negotiate medication prices isn’t the only reason to consider a mom and pop pharmacy. In our 2014 survey of Consumer Reports subscribers, independent pharmacies came out on top; 94% gave them high marks...

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