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This condition develops when an infection, usually a virus from a cold, spreads to the cavities behind your eyebrows and check bones, and between your eyes. You might have a stuffy nose with discharge, and facial pain and...

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Congested Sinuses

The problem:  It’s sometimes unclear whether lingering congestion stems from allergies or a sinus infection.  To determine the cause, some doctors order CT scans. But a simple nasal smear is usually all that ‘s...

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De Stress——Doctors have known for a long time that emotional stress can dampen immunity and increase the risk for infection. It also tends to increase the incidence (and discomfort) of colds, allergies and sinusitis....

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Prone to Sinus Troubles?

Prop yourself up on pillows so that you’re at a 45-degree angle to the bed. “It’s easier for your diaphragm to work effectively when you’re semi-upright,” explains sleep specialist Michael J....

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