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Having Surgery? Ask This…

If you’re having a hysterectomy, hernia repair, or colon, gall bladder, or weight-loss surgery, ask whether a less invasive procedure is right for you. New research finds that older adults may be less likely than other...

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Mind Shift for Better Recovery

If you are having surgery, plan out your recovery. Expecting to return to normal activities–and having a realistic and organized plan for doing so–improved recovery after a heart procedure in a recent study from the...

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Reducing Sugar Use

Sugar adds calories to food and likely contributes to obesity and possibly other health risks when you consume too much. To keep your sugar consumption in check: Keep products with added sugar out of your home. The primary...

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Music During Surgery?

Listening to music with headphones before, during, or after surgery can ease anxiety and reduce the amount of pain medication needed during recovery, according to a recent analysis. It can help anytime, but enjoying music of...

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Think Twice About Shoulder Surgery

About one in 20 broken bones in adults involves the top of the long bone of the upper arm (the humerus) near the shoulder. The fracture is often the result of a fall in older adults, and more people are having surgery using...

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Before Surgery

The problem: Many people automatically receive a chest X-ray to “clear” them for surgery, and some hospitals even require the test for almost all patients.  But X-rays rarely find serious problems in low-risk people...

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How To Recover Faster After Surgery

6 preoperative steps you can take to feel better afterward.  Improving your physical and emotional health beforehand may get you out of the hospital faster, lower complication risks, and speed healing. Do breathing exercises...

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Surgery Jitters!

How can you prepare for a joint replacement?    The best way is to know what to expect. You and your health team should have a meeting about the surgery or ask for a detailed written explanation that discusses expectations,...

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If You Need Surgery

If nonsurgical options haven’t relieved your hip or knee pain, consider talking with a surgeon about a joint replacement. While the procedures don’t fully restore mobility, they do help many people. But results vary...

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Groovin in the Operating Room

Listening to music before, during, or after surgery can reduce a patient’s anxiety and possibly improve pain and recovery time, according to a recent review in the Southern Medical Journal. Patients exposed to music also...

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