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Weight-Loss Traps

Many popular weight-loss approaches work at first but actually set you up for long-term weight gain. How? By creating an imbalance in your digestive track microbes, aka your gut microbiome. Common mistakes.. yo-yo dieting...

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Good Health But Overweight

Dr. Oz says:  Overweight puts you at a higher risk of heart disease, even if your numbers, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, are good. A new study followed over 17,000 people and found that BMI was a independent risk...

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Extra Weight

6 pound wise things you may not know about extra weight. With 70 percent of American adults and 33 percent of children now classified as overweight or obese, the obesity epidemic is not exactly a secret. Yet some recent findings...

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Keep Your Weight Steady

Yo-yo gains and losses of more than 8 pounds hiked the risk of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and death reveals a recent study that tracked 9,509 people with coronary artery disease. The researchers say it’s...

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Weight & Cancer Risk

Why does excess weight boost the risk of some cancers? One possibility, extra pounds are linked to the growth of blood vessels that allow tumors to expand. Scientists randomly assigned roughly 440 overweight or obese healthy...

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Weight & Cancer

Extra pounds may boost the risk of more cancers than previously thought, says the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) In 2002, IARC concluded that there was “sufficient” evidence that excess weight...

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Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss does not mean that you will regain pounds faster. Current guidelines recommend losing weight slowly to lower the chance of regaining it. But a recent study that followed participants for 144 weeks found that...

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Chocolate eaters weigh less than others, say some studies. That has fueled media reports claiming that chocolate somehow keeps you slim. New research suggests otherwise.  Researchers tracked roughly 107,000 postmenopausal women...

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Y0-Y0 Dieting

Yo-y0 dieting can be good for you.   People who repeatedly lose weight, then put it back on, still reduce their risk for heart disease. Losing 3% to 10% of body weight anytime keeps your heart and blood vessels healthier in the...

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