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Another Reason to Get Your Vitamin D

In a review of 17 studies, people low in vitamin D had a 31% higher risk of colon cancer compared with those at recommended levels. And supplements haven’t proved to help, researchers say. U.S. Dietary Guidelines suggest...

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Vitamin D

Maintaining a normal vitamin D blood level is important for so many reasons, and the list keeps growing. Recent research has discovered two additional benefits from maintaining a high blood level of vitamin D, reduced risk...

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Vitamin D & Asthma

Vitamin D can help asthma, says Adrian R. Martineau, PhD. About half the people with asthma get major attacks requiring systemic corticosteroids. In that group, those who took vitamin D supplements were 50% less likely to need...

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Vitamin D & the Heart

Can vitamin D lower the risk of heart disease, as some studies suggest? Researchers in New Zealand gave roughly 5,100 people aged 50 to 84 either a placebo or vitamin D (an initial dose of 200,000 IU followed by monthly doses of...

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Vitamin D, Calcium, & Cancer

Does vitamin D (plus calcium) lower the risk of cancer, as an earlier study reported?  No, says a new trial, but questions remain. Researchers randomly assigned roughly 2,300 postmenopausal women to take either vitamin D (2,000...

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Diabetes & Vitamin D

People with low vitamin D levels in their blood have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. But taking vitamin D may not cut that risk. Norwegian researchers gave roughly 500 people with pre-diabetes either a high dose of vitamin...

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