Aging successfully is a common goal, but figuring out to live every day in support of that goal is not always easy. According to author Malcolm Gladwell, in the book “The Tipping Point.” you cannot do what you can not remember, and living successfully as you age can be quite complex. To make it easier to meet your goal of successful aging, I am proposing that you structure each day, week, and month around three key things to remember: move, manage and mingle.

The foundation of sucessful aging is movement. You have aged in a society that has prided itself on labor saving devices, and one consequence of this development is that you are not getting enough physical activity in your daily routine.
Two ways to deal with this activity deficit are to begin or continue a scheduled daily exercise program, and look for ways to build more movement into your daily routine. You need to do both cardio (rhythmic, repetitive) and strength building activity to age successfully. Walk, dance, cycle, swim: do any activity that keeps you moving for extended periods. As you get fit, you should try to do one hour per day of this type of activity. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all at once; try five or ten minutes at a time to begin, and build continuous exercise time as you get acclimated to it.
You also need to increase your strength through overloading your muscles. This is accomplished by some type of supervised training activity involving resistance machines, or some other approved technique. The key is that you must make your muscles do more than they do in your normal activities. You will increase your strength very quickly and will be able to continue to function at a high level, or you may regain lost movement ability within three months of strength training. As always, clear all activity plans with your health care provider (s).

Managing covers several key topics, but first you need to manage a daily schedule of positive lifestyle. When you start your day, have a plan that includes eating a balanced diet, and if you need to lose some weight, identify how you will manage this goal on this day. Your daily plan should also include your physical activity commitments and any other health and medically identified priorities. In essence, you are your own “health care” planner. You control the majority of things that will produce your health and successful aging. So, make conscious choices throughout the day to support your successful aging.

Finally, you need to interact each day with those you care about, or with causes that you care about. Your immune system works better as a result and you improve your chances of successful aging. Research indicates that you should develop at least five significant friends/interest groups and than spend daily time interacting with them.
These three categories, move, manage, and mingle, can be your guide to successful aging
Source: This article is by Dr. David Gobble, Ph.D. CHES is the Director of Masterpiece Living Academy The Chronical=Telegram in March 2012