Promise yourself that you’ll make your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being a priority, by taking three or more of these steps:

Choose a mantra “This can be any phrase that makes you feel supported and banishes negative self talk,” says Danielle Gordon, MD, a mind body medicine specialist in Vancouver.

Get outside! The average American spends 90% of her time indoors. Even if you only grab a few minutes alfresco per day, you’ll renew your mind and body.

Practice the healing breath  Before bed or when you feel tense, try focusing on your breath, making sure that you are breathing deeply and slowly.

Drink more herbal tea “These teas are delicious, have no calories, and offer tremendous healing properties,” says Dr. Low Dog.

Unplug  “We are far too habituated to texting and e-mailing constantly,” says Dr. Low Dog. Commit one day a week to staying offline.

Have more sex “It burns calories,” jokes Dr. Volkar. But more important, it fosters intimacy and communication with your partner and can help with common menopausal woes, such as reducing vaginal dryness by increasing blood flow to those tissues.

Get a message. Regular rubdowns can help relieve stress, curb anxiety and depression, ease muscle pain, and even control blood pressure according to the Mayo Clinic.
Source: Prevention magazine January 2013