It’s essential that you keep your kidneys healthy. There are a few ways to do just that.

Avoid carbonated beverages in excess. Dark sodas can erode your kidneys. Scale down these beverages to one every few days. Drink plenty of other fluids, especially water.

Watch out for urinary tract infections. If gone untreated, the bacteria can infiltrate the bladder and kidneys. Antibiotics are generally prescribed for urinary tract infections. Visit your doctor if you have any trouble urinating or pain while doing so. It could be a sign of infection.

Watch what you eat or drink. Overdoing it with processed foods or alcoholic beverages may affect kidney, as well as liver, function. Certain medications and drug abuse can also compromise function.

Don’t smoke,    Smokers are at a greater risk for kidney disease.

Maintain a healthy weight and cholesterol level.

If kidney disease is hereditary, consider regular renal function tests at your doctor’s office.
The Rural-Urban Record Columbia Station, Oh. 2011