Important Lifestyle Modifications
A healthy diet and regular weight bearing exercise are important in preventing or treating osteoporosis.
Major Food Sources of Calcium
Milk  Whole or Skim
Yogurt  Plain, Fruit, Frozen
Cheese  Mozzarella, Muenster, Cheddar
Ice Cream  Hard, Soft-Serve
Ice Milk  Hard, Soft-Serve
Fish & Shellfish  Oysters, Sardines, Salmon
Vegetables  Broccoli, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Tofu

Weight-Bearing Exercises
Low-impact aerobics
Strength training with weights
Household chores
Consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program or making any change in your diet.

Although adequate calcium and vitamin D intake is important for bone health, calcium and vitamin D may not be sufficient to totally stop bone loss or rebuild bone.
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Source: Calcium info. adapted from materials supplied by the National Osteoporosis Foundation