Regular eye exams are an important part of good eye health, But some signs and symptoms can indicate a medical emergency that can’t wait for your regular checkup.

Seek treatment immediately if you experience the following signs and symptoms in one or both eyes:

Sudden vision loss, including hazy or blurred vision

An increase in the number or size of floaters

Eye pain

Redness or swelling of your eye or eyelid

Flashes of light

Sudden appearance of halos or rainbows that form around lights

Loss of your peripheral vision

A curtain-like appearance over your field of vision

These might be indications of a retinal detachment–in which the retina detaches or pulls away from it’s normal position–or other serious eye conditions. It’s important to recognize these signs and symptoms early and seek prompt treatment to avoid permanent vision loss.

Source: Special Report Supplement to Mayo Clinic Health Letter   February 2016