This time of year, the stress, chilly weather and holiday goodies, can take a toll on your waistline.. Making healthy choices is hard all year long, but holiday gatherings centered on food make it even more difficult to eat right.
To keep your health from going downhill this holiday season, Lorain County General Health District Commissioner, Kenneth G. Pearce, MPH, encourages you to take in the “Don’t Get Worse Challenge.” Pearce explains, “The challenge isn’t about losing weight during the holidays, but rather to maintain it. Chose activities that will help you stay healthy, avoid holiday weight gain and not get worse.”

What’s the trick to not getting worse during the holidays?
Track how much physical activity you get now and keep it up through the holidays
Know how much you weigh and maintain it through the holidays.
Log what you are eating and make sure that you are getting your fruits and vegetables.

Don’t get worse-cut back on calories at holiday parties.
Start the night right by passing on appetizers that will just increase your calorie intake.
Shave off calories by avoiding heavy drinks like eggnog, instead, have sparkling water or lower-calorie punch.
Slow down your eating by chatting with friends and family, which will help avoid overeating.

Make up for what you eat. If you want to eat dessert at the next party, make sure to squeeze time into our day to get active.
Keep moving-find a coworker to walk with on your lunch break.
Make family time active-build a snowman or go sled riding.
Get in the holiday spirit-join a door-to-door caroling group or walk the neighborhood to see the holiday lights.
Source: Rural-Urban Record 12-19-2011