There are many potential causes and contributors to lower back pain or injury. Aging contributes to degeneration of tissues of the spine such as vertebrae, vertebral joints and the cushioning disks between vertebrae. Diseases such as bone-thinning osteoporosis can make spine tissues more vulnerable to injury.  In addition, muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back can weaken somewhat with age, a process that’s greatly accelerated if you lead a sedentary life-style with little physical activity.

Added to this list are specific movements, such as lifting or moving heavier objects, especially if done with improper technique, that can cause injury or lead to soreness from overuse. When it comes to lifting or moving objects without causing injury, your brain is the best tool you have. Safe lifting starts with taking time to analyze a situation, and either performing a lift in a safe manner or recognizing your limits and seeking help.  This is particularly important if you have a disease or condition, such as osteoporosis, that heightens injury risk.

Source: Mayo Clinic Health Letter December 2014