Chocolate eaters weigh less than others, say some studies. That has fueled media reports claiming that chocolate somehow keeps you slim.

New research suggests otherwise.  Researchers tracked roughly 107,000 postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79 for three years. Compared to those who ate a serving (1 oz.) of chocolate candy less than once a month, women who ate chocolate one to three times a month gained an average of 1.7 pounds, those who ate chocolate one or two times a week gained two pounds, and those who ate chocolate at least three times a week gained three pounds over three years.

What to do:  Sorry, but you can’t ignore the calories in chocolate, whether it’s dark or not. This type of study can’t prove that chocolate causes weight gain. Something else about chocolate eaters may explain the extra pounds. But studies that reported less obesity among chocolate eaters didn’t follow people over time, like this one did.

Source:  Nutrition Action Health Letter April 2015