The goal of palliative care is to maximize quality of life.  It focuses on symptom control, rather than control of the cancer and treats physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.  The extra layer of care can be given along with treatments for the breast cancer.  Palliative care specialists work with oncologists to relieve or prevent symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety or depression in people with MBC.  They can help people weigh the burdens and benefits of different treatments for symptoms as well as for medications or other therapies to treat the cancer.  Palliative care specialists can also help with advanced care planning.  They can help people identify their personal values and goals that will guide their care.  It can improve quality of life for patients and caregivers  Palliative care is a standard part of MBC care and becomes the focus of care when treatment for the cancer ends.

Source:  Susan G. Komen   2019