How to reduce nausea from chemotherapy

by Victoria Ward Nausea is a prevalent chemotherapy symptom, and sometimes the mere thought of chemotherapy can produce anxiety and anticipatory sickness. This is especially true for women, people under 50, and light alcohol...

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Depression

It’s important to let your providers know how you are feeling emotionally.  It’s common to have some depression.  Depression can (and should) be treated.  Learn more about depression.  Learn about...

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The Diet-Soda Dilemma

Can zero-calorie drinks make you gain weight? Maybe you should stop at one can of pop. In a new study, researchers tracked 474 older adults for nearly a decade and found that the waistlines of diet-soda drinkers expanded 178...


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Do Organic Foods Protect Against Cancer?

French researchers tracked nearly 69,000 adults for five years. Those who reported eating the most organic foods were 76 percent less likely to be diagnosed with lymphoma and 34 percent less likely to be diagnosed with...




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