Breakthrough with cancer vaccine

Photo Source: NCI Breakthrough with cancer vaccine Scientists are ready to trial a new cancer vaccine in humans following the successful outcome of their preclinical studies. The new vaccine was developed by a Mater Research team based at The Translational Research Institute in collaboration with The University

Bone Metastases

Radiation therapy and surgery:  Radiation therapy and surgery can be used to ease the pain of bone metastases.  Radiation therapy to the bone can relieve pain at the site of the tumor(s) and prevent fractures.  Drugs called radiopharmaceuticals (samarium (Quadramet) or alpharadin (Xofigo) can also treat pain from

Breast Cancer Risk Factors You Can’t Control

Exposure to estrogen.  Because the female hormone estrogen stimulates breast cancer growth, exposure to estrogen over long periods of time, without any brakes, can increase the risk of breast cancer.  Some of these risk factors are not under your control, such as:  starting menstruation (monthly periods) at a young age (before age 12)  going through

Breast Cancer Risk Factors You Can’t Control

Race.  White women are slightly more likely to develop breast cancer than are African American women.  Asian, Hispanic, and Native American women have a lower risk of developing and dying from breast cancer.  Radiation therapy to the chest.  Having radiation therapy to the chest area as a child or young adult as treatment for another

Breast Cancer Risk Factors You Can’t Control

Gender.  Being a woman is the most significant risk factor for developing breast cancer.  Although men can get breast cancer, too, women's breast cells are constantly changing and growing, mainly due to the activity of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone,  This activity puts them at must greater risk for breast cancer.  Age.  Simply growing