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The All-Day Grazing Problem

Some people prefer grazing (eating small amounts spread out over the course of the day) to the traditional 3 larger meals. But confining nibbling to a smaller chunk of the day could aid weight loss. t California’s Salt...

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Habits to Make, to Break

If you’re overweight, you likely got there by having certain habits. Often, people don’t realize how much these behaviors, taken together, help pack on pounds. If you’re ready to lose weight, start by curbing...

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Healthy-Eating Hurdles

We all have those moments when a fresh baked cookie seems like a much tastier option than a fresh green pear. Or when potato chips on sale-and in bulk- seem like a more fiscally sensible choice than pricey vegetables that might...

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Use Color at Meals

Eating food on plates of a contrasting color might help you cut portions, according to a study of 60 adults at a college reunion. Half ate pasta with tomato sauce; the other half ate pasta with white cream sauce. Participants...

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Should You Go Gluten Free?

Wheat-free diets are trendy, but the eating plan-which rules out all wheat products, including bread and pasta-is a smart choice only for those with celiac disease (a serious autoimmune disorder) or bona fide gluten...

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