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Low-Calorie Fresh Fruits

These fruits contain more than 80 percent water. Watermelon Cantaloupe Berries All citrus fruits Apples Pineapple Peaches Pears Plums Source:  The Chronicle-Telegram September 2015 PLEASE REMEMBER TO DONATE    THANK YOU!...

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Eating For Longevity

The so-called Mediterranean diet has been linked to living longer. To start eating more like a Mediterranean, try these simple diet changes: Drink alcohol in moderation Eat less meat and meat products Eat more vegetables,...

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Easy Ways To Eat Healthier In 2015

Cook ahead:     When hectic schedules make preparing home-cooked meals seem daunting, Bauer doubles or quadruples the recipes on the nights she cooks so she can portion out the leftovers and freeze them. “If you start to...

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Eating for a Strong Mind

What you eat and drink directly affects the chemistry of your brain and thus, the keenness of your mind. For best results, adopt these habits: Eat three balanced meals per day. Each meal should consist of three parts: fruit or...

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Get Picky About Organic

Filling your cart with organic food could send you into sticker shock. On average, organics cost a third more than conventionally produced food. You need to know what’s worth the extra cost and what’s not–and...

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Pick Purple Produce

There’s some truth to the saying, “the darker the berry, the healthier the fruit.” Purple fruit such as blueberries and blackberries and vegetables such as eggplant and purple cauliflower are packed with...

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The Healthy Way To Indulge

You can swear up and down that you won’t overdo it this year, but when dessert rolls around at your family’s holiday dinner, passing up peppermint bark for a piece of fruit might be a lot harder than you expected....

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Eating For Optimal Health

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet We all know inflammation when we see it on our own bodies. You can’t miss the redness, swelling, pain, and heat at the site of an injury or infection. Inflammation is how the body heals...

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