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4 Healthy Diet Steps to SKIP

Some seemingly healthy eating habits may have a negative impact on your heart. Think twice before trying any of these diet moves: Going gluten-free. Ditching gluten may actually raise heart disease risk because it could lead to...

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Help Your Heart

If you’re going to be sitting for hours, which is bad for your heart, set an alarm on your phone, watch or computer to chime hourly. When you hear the alarm, get up and walk around for five minutes. According to an Indiana...

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An Aspirin a Night?

Daily aspirin users may want to consider taking an aspirin before bed rather than in the morning, according to a study by Dutch researchers who found that a nighttime dose might be more effective at reducing the risk of heart...

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Check In After You Check Out

A July 2012 study found that half of patients hospitalized for a heart attack or heart failure made medication errors within a month of discharge. Before you leave, make sure you really understand how to take the drugs...

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Inhale for Heart Health

Want to make your holiday feast healthier? Change the way you breathe. New research shows that breathing deeply for 40 minutes after eating a large meal lowers heart-damaging blood sugar levels. How? By reducing heart rate,...

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