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Check Cardiovascular Health With…

A stopwatch:  Take your resting pulse before getting out of bed in the morning or after sitting quietly for 10 minutes. Place middle and index fingers on a strong pulse, either on the side of your neck (in the soft hallow near...

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No, Don’t Sit Still

Finally, a heart-healthy solution for the lazybones among us. Replacing sedentary behavior with just about any other activity-including more sleep-can help you keep a ticker in top form, according to a study published in the...

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A Lifesaving Heart Test

If you’re over 50 and you haven’t had a heart calcium scan, consider getting one. “The test is the No. 1 predictor of a heart attack” because it notes the presence of artery-clogging plaque, says...

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Be Kind To Your Heart

Pump up your heart health by replacing a daily serving of red meat with a serving of beans. You’ll cut your risk of heart disease by as much as 19%, according to new Harvard University research. Be kind to your heart with...

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