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Control Acute Back Pain

Back pain is considered acute when a new episode lasts for less than four weeks. If it strikes, experts suggest starting with the following: Heat or ice. For instance, a warm shower, hot water bottle, or heating pad can reduce...

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Sore Back

Dr. Oz says:  Here’s what not to do:  lie around. Bed rest is the opposite of what you’ll need to keep your core (the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support your vertebrae) strong and flexible. Engage in...

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Physical Therapy (the Back)

Physical therapy focuses on improving your ability to do your daily activities and teaches you how to prevent future back problems. Treatments vary, but most combine strengthening and stretching with passive care such as massage...

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Imaging For Back Pain

The test: An X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to take pictures of your spine. Who should have it: Anyone with back pain and a history of cancer, unexplained weight loss, chills and fever, or sudden loss of bowel or bladder control or leg...

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Back Pain

There are many different causes of back pain. But you can relieve many types by using a simple position that takes weight off your spine while supporting it, says Art Brownstein, MD, director of Princeville Medical Clinic in...

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Reduce Back Pain

If you sit a lot, stand up every hour, put your hands on you hips, bend backward as far as feels comfortable and hold for three seconds. Repeat five times. This helps extend the spine and relieve stiffness. Source: Anthony...

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Simpler RX for Back Pain

Many people who go to an emergency room because of back pain are treated with prescription-strength naproxen plus potent narcotics such as oxycodone or powerful muscle relaxants such as  cyclobenzaprine. But naproxen alone may...

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When to Seek Help for Back Pain

Most back pain isn’t caused by cancer or other serious problems. But because early diagnosis and treatment are important for addressing underlying issues, such as spinal tumors, problems with major blood vessels in your...

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Beat Back Pain

A vast majority of new cases of back pain abate within a few weeks without treatment. But if you can’t wait it out, there may be some benefit to having early physical therapy. In a recent study, people who saw  doctor for...

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Back Pain

The problem:  Back-pain sufferers often want their doctor to do something, fast. And for many people, that means getting an X-ray or CT scan as soon as possible. But back pain usually stems from muscle strains and usually clears...

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A Back Pat for Yoga

Popping a pill at the first sign of back pain? We’ve been there—but if you’re looking for a lasting fix, you might want to try something that’s more Utkatasana than uberpainkiller., A weekly yoga class...

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