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Try mindfulness, which involves staying focused on the moment, without judgment. In one 2017 study, a group of people with anxiety practiced mindfulness techniques, including certain forms of meditation, deep breathing, and...

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Group Exercise Soothes Stress

In a study of 69 medical students, those who took a group exercise class at least weekly for 3 months got a bonus, a 26 percent drop in stress and a boost in mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Those who worked out alone...

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No-stress Ways to De-stress

Spend three minutes noticing everything.  Use all five senses to pay attention to what’s happening around you. This stops you from ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. two key ingredients in stress. Think...

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People who experience chronic stress due to job issues, family or money worries, etc., often experience memory problems. Stress raises levels of cortisol, a hormone that improves concentration briefly during acute stressful...

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Reduce Stress

MUSIC can be a powerful tool to aid relaxation and relieve stress. Music therapy has shown numerous health benefits fir people with conditions ranging from stress to cancer.  Music has been found to have an impact on hormones...

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Dance Away Worries

Stressed out? It might be time to hit the dance floor. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that teenage girls in Sweden who took dance classes twice a week reported fewer stress-related...

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Laugh at Stress

Seeing humor in annoying situations can cut stress. According to a study of nearly 150 college students, those who conplained to friends felt less satisfied than those who put their problems in a funny or positive...

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