Pap Test: Can it Detect Ovarian Cancer?

NO. A Pap test can't reliably detect ovarian cancer. A Pap test is a procedure that involves collecting cells from your cervix and examining them under a microscope. A Pap test can detect cervical cancer and changes in your cervical cells that may increase your risk of cervical cancer in the future. There is no

Hormone Therapy & Ovarian Cancer

Hormone Therapy used short term can help cool menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. But in a recent analysis of worldwide evidence by an international research team, women who used hormone therapy had up to a 43 percent higher risk for ovarian cancer. It's worth noting that hormone therapy increased the risk for serious and

Ovarian Cancer Tests

Only for high-risk women Experts remain stymied by this cancer because use of the available tests--ultrasound and a blood test called CA-125--have not been linked to a reduced risk of dying of the disease. CR's take: Women with risk factors--such as a family history of ovarian or breast cancer and those who carry the BRCA1