Dermatologic Surgery Treats Many Conditions

For many patients dermatologic surgery offers the best outcome.  Dermatologists use surgery to: Diagnose and remove skin cancer Remove non-cancerous skin growths Diminish signs of aging Improve skin tone Eliminate stubborn fat Remove veins Fade or remove unwanted tattoos Diagnose skin disease Remove birthmarks Dermatologic surgery is especially important for patients with skin cancer. For

Warning Signs Of Melanoma

A sore that does not heal The spread of pigment from the border into nearby skin A change in sensation, itchiness, tenderness, or pain A change in the surface of a mole, oozing, bleeding, or a new bump or nodule. Source:   The American Cancer Society booklet 2014

Skin Cancer

Sun protection is key. Sitting in the sunshine can produce a warm feeling that's hard to beat. What's more, the vitamin D your body gains through sunlight is essential to health. But as with most things in life, too much sun isn't healthy. Your skin is designed to protect your body from harm, including the