Older men who regularly walk for exercise may significantly reduce their risk of stroke, suggests research published online 11-13-2013, in the journal Stroke.

The study included 3,435 men, ages 60 to 80, who were surveyed about their walking habits. During an 11 year follow-up period, 195 men suffered a first stroke. The researchers determined that compared to men who spent zero to three hours walking each week, those who walked four to seven and eight to fourteen hours a week reduced their risk of stroke by 11 and 37 percent, respectively. Men who walked more than 22 hours a week reduced their stroke risk by almost tw0-thirds, the study found, and the benefits of walking were seen regardless of how quickly the men walked.

The take-home message:  Regular walking may help ward off stroke, and the more you walk, the more you potentially can reduce your risk. With your physician’s approval, aim for at least four hours of walking per week.

Source: Cleveland Clinic Men’s Health Advisor  Volume 14G 2015